Drept bancar & clauze abuzive

Our firm provides clients with advice in banking and finance matters and it acts both on lender and on borrower side. This makes us ready to anticipate and to address the requirements of all the parties that are involved in the transaction.

On lender side, we have gained, in years of practice, extensive knowledge and practical experience both about the legal issues that banks are confronted with and about the day-by-day peculiar processes that are specific to this industry. This background enables us to assist banks in a broad array of issues, including regulatory and anti-money laundering and debt structuring/restructuring transactions and to provide to this type of clients full litigation support.

On borrower side, our clients entrust us with the full range of their legal interactions with financial institutions, including drafting and negotiating on their behalf loan agreements and securities contracts, restructuring their debts and representing them in disputes against banks. In all instances, our intellectual rigor and our creative thinking enable our clients to have it their own way.